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06.05.2019 – XIII Death

Monday: Appropriately we are still within the energy of the new moon on Saturday night/Sunday morniing 23:45GMT which carries the energy of new beginnings :-) This card fills me with such happiness, it speaks to me of new life.

It is the result of allowing and accepting. Releasing that which has been and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes we step forward into the newness of the moment and that which lies ahead for us to engage with. Are you ready for change in your life?

Are you ready to embrace something new to take you off onto your next pathway of discovery?

Allow yourself to ‘rise from the ashes’ of the past and embrace the cleansing energy of fire that breathes a new life into you (if you allow it – the choice is always yours).

But I don’t know where or what it is/ I can’t see where I am going?

Have faith, trust the threads that weave our lives on the looms of destiny.

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