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06.03.2022 XII The Hanged Man & IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Doubles up today, not only did two cards pop out but we have both Mars and Venus entering Aquarius within minutes of each other so, in terms of distance and timing we would call it together. So, what do we get with the together energy of the twelve of the Hanged Man and the four of the Emperor? Fours are about foundation, safety, security, stability, stagnation and structure. Twelve reduces to three 1+2=3 also divisible by our 4 = 3. Three before four has us moving in a forward direction. Three is about something new happening, new journey, learned lessons from the past, birth, creativity, growth. Hanged Man is about Divine intervention, a pause, giving us time-out. A day to surrender to self and gain new perspective. If we are stuck, then it is a day to see things in a different light. The Emperor guides us to take control, trusting our intuition to bring solidity and growth into our lives. A day to get order and routine back into our lives. He is fatherly energy here to support us. He is protective energy. A day to stand in our own power to bring stability and security, to get what we want! Heather Eland shares: ‘Mars transiting the sign of Aquarius shifts our physical drive to take action in the direction of the collective and our individual rights to freedom and independence. . . Venus in Aquarius brings a quirky way of relating to others and a typically very friendly, yet detached approach to those we connect with . . . The things we value shift . . . we tend to move toward things that highlight our individuality Let us bring a balance to our day.

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