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06.03.2019 – VIII Strength

‘She’ stands at one side of a bridge looking over to what lies beyond.

Below, bamboo grows. Rather interesting that one of the symbolic meanings of bamboo is continued growth, a nice follow on from Tuesday’s card.

She is not alone, accompanied by the lion (strength) and has the Swan (grace) at her back.

As much as she is ready to move on (or not) those around her are oblivious to these possible changes – they are engaged in their own lives.

Can we find the trust or faith necessary to take the action when needed to make the decisions for our own lives and how it could be lived or do we turn our back on change, never crossing the bridges before us?

Maybe, like the *new moon, your seeds are germinating in the dark until the right time for them to sprout.

*new moon today, Wednesday 6th March 16:03hours GMT.

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