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06.01.2022 King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Bringer of the energy of alchemy, the King of Wands weaves the energies to fire up the spirit of life and living. Double fire element energy from both the King and the Wands suit. Is today a day that a spark can be lit under us?

We don’t have to step into a fiery inferno, just a spark is enough to start an idea or bring a wish into being. Whatever we do today we are being given a nudge to take the lead, the initiative, to embrace go getting drive within to power us forwards and onwards or into starting something. Wands are the suit of creativity, what will we create today? Can we find that all encompassing power today that is of inspiration and tenacity, determination and passion? It is not about boasting of our abilities but of being humble, of showing an appreciation for life and living on this amazing planet that is ours, our earth. Maybe an offer will come our way today that sparks us into action or creativity. Anything is possible if we allow ourselves to believe, to trust and to have faith that all will be well. Take time today to think, if we had a magic wand, if we had the power of alchemy, what would we do with that today? The sun represents our ego, our identity and what we try to be, we shine in the area of the zodiac sign in which we were born i.e. our sun sign. Today we have Leo shining for us and they bring us the energy of the big dreams and plans that we would like to see happen for ourselves and our loved ones, possibly for all of humanity!

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