• Patricia Jean Fleming

05.10.2019 – XVII The Star

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Two major arcana cards in a row which carry extra power for us. Yesterday The Fool and today The Star. ‘When I wish upon a star . . ‘.

What are the things that you are wishing for in your life right now?

Are you able to let your own inner light shine out onto the world around you? From the innocence of The Fool yesterday, today we are being asked to be positive and reach for the highest of goals that we would like to see in our world.

Energies can be felt, picked up by those around you.

When you are happy and smile then it rubs off on others.

If you are not happy, and without changing anything in anybody else, what would make you happy?

Don’t 'hide your light under a bushel' but let it shine out brightly today.

Step into your own happiness. Find your own uniqueness and be happy to have your connection with it.

How could it help others? What do you want to do today with being you?

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