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05.09.2020 – X The Wheel of Fortune

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Today we have the top slice of a ‘club sandwich’ in another 10 on top of yesterday’s four of swords. Today that ten is from the major arcana, so just let’s say it is a thick cut slice of bread compared to the other two we previously had.

This card is associated with good luck and therefore we have the lucky planet Jupiter representing it. A card of good fortune and divine timing. One of orchestration and hidden blessings. Maybe today will not be the day we see the results of this ‘luck’ but be sure to trust that there is work going on ‘behind the scenes’. In the picture of the card we have a beautiful Celtic knot scrolled around the wheel. For me this is representing the intricacy of hidden work that goes on without us ever understanding what that is/was. Sometimes we don’t need to know e.g. what electricity is (and as Abraham Hicks puts it) how it then manages to make our toast in the morning. Can you move yourself into positivity and trust that the future will be better than you can imagine it to be? Today Mercury moves out of Virgo and into Libra. It is the planet of communication so expect some balance and justice to return in the weeks ahead.

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