• Patricia Jean Fleming

05.08.2021 Six of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: Being supported. We may not know where we go but we are going. Today is our second six of this week and our first of two of the Swords suit. Having been guided to take the leap of faith by the fool yesterday, this card sees us being carried above the heaviness of the past. Are we searching for balance and harmony per the energy of the number six? This card is about leaving trouble behind us with clear vision and plain sailing ahead. Detaching from troubles.

It can be the energy of moving home, life transitions, new vision, new goal or even a new job. Sometimes known as the Honeymoon card and carries with it the possibility of an invitation to travel.

Card of the planet Mercury in the Sun sign of Aquarius. A second day of Aquarian energy – the week is still highlighting the energy of two for us. Balance, choices, decisions, duality and relationships.

This may be a day of surprising insights. Possibly becoming aware of how others wish to push their views onto us. We all have the right to be in our own power as long as we cause no harm to others and they cause no harm to us. Sometimes it is easier to know your own mind and move away from any angst being levelled by others – if you do not wish to participate then walk away. Or, as in the depiction of this card, allow ourselves to be lifted out of the fray which no longer serves us.

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