• Patricia Jean Fleming

05.07.2021 Nine of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: We move to the energy of the planet Jupiter today (the lucky planet) and still in the last sign of the zodiac i.e. Sun sign Pisces. If we can steer clear of the negative traits of this planet e.g. overindulgence and irresponsibility then we will get the best out of this card today which is also known as the Wish Fulfilment Card. This card represents us. It is about our journey and we are given the guidance that we will be happy again. We may be involved in conversations that lead to positive opportunities, getting our hearts desire. A card of abundance, accomplishment and compassion.

All is within our grasp if we have taken the teachings from last week and can guide ourselves to see the wealth available to us; to see the positives in situations rather than the negative. We can achieve that which makes us happy in our own right, we are all worthy of happiness.

Let the free flow of current the energies work for us today to carry us to where we will feel fulfilled and happy in our own space and on our own terms. Flow with the fish of good fortune, good health and prosperity.

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