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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

05.04.2019 – Five of Swords

Friday: The ‘avenging angel’ is what I am told for this card today.

Do not underestimate your own unique power in given situations.

Sometimes the bravado of others which would usually put you on a back foot, today is seen through as just their bluff and bluster, which becomes obvious to you as a self-confidence issue within them.

Some people are not humble enough to say ‘I don’t know’ and try to cover up their inadequacies by oppressive methods.

Seeing through these delusions of being allows us to step into our own confidence and in meeting that brash energy with love and kindness (they know not what they do) embrace your own knowledge and allow it to be heard in a gentle way.

They may not want to listen. Don’t get pulled into their negativity, be strong enough to know who you are and that you have as much right to be here on earth as anyone else.

A day to stand up for a cause that comes from your heart, not your ego.

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