• Patricia Jean Fleming

05.03.2020 – Queen of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Wow, we are on a flow here. Today’s Queen comes to us with the energy of success and abundance. Recognising she has everything she needs right now. If you are feeling overwhelmed in any situation around you then break it down into manageable pieces; don’t let it engulf you.

The pace of life that the percentage of people are existing in, especially in the western world, is not natural. It is indeed man-made and will push us as far as possible to get the most out of us that is if we are willing to participate on this hamster wheel!

Stop listening to others telling you what you need and look within yourself.

Each individual is better placed to know what is right for them, here and now.

Stop being manipulated by those who have got caught up in the ‘this is the way it HAS to be energy. Nothing HAS to be unless it feels right for you.

Any ‘dis’ease is just that! Start living your life and allow others to live theirs.

Nurture your life and allow others to cultivate theirs in whatever way is right for them.

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