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05.03.2019 – XIII Death

Now don’t get worried, remember I only work with love and light!

This card is about a chance to change, a ‘rebirth’.

Are you ready to embrace a change in your life?

Following on from yesterday’s card about trust, is this the next step on the current path you are treading?

Life is ever changing, and renewing, if we don’t move with it then it can get wearisome, drudging, feeling like you have lead weights on your boots.

What do you need to unshackle yourself from to allow the essence of a new beginning to enter your life?

No better time of year to embrace the newness with the energy of Spring here in the Northern realms.

Work with the energy of the coming *new moon, planting the seeds of what you want to see grow in your future.

*new moon Wednesday 6th March 16:03hours GMT

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