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05.01.2022 XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Who looks at this word Death and is filled with fear? I am on the downward, ageing journey of this life and yet ‘I fear no death’. I believe truly in a greater energy of life that exists beyond this ‘pod’/body that I am currently inhabiting and indeed the many I have previously existed in. I have lived many human lives and have been given insights into them to help me live the journey of this life. I am one of many messengers here to assist to expand the light of all consciousness throughout humanity.

As much as I am unique, as we all are, I am only one of many who have taken up this challenge. It has not been easy, but through the opening up to all that is, I know that life can be a much better place for everyone to experience and that we can still learn without the old adage of sacrifice. That day has gone, it does not belong to the new world. Allow ourselves, like the Phoenix in this card, to rise up out of the ashes of the old ways and embrace this new and wonderful world which is being birthed around us right now. Anyone or thing that has ever done something bad to us has always come from the human form. Many perpetuate this as being the only way to live on earth – survival of the fittest. No, it is an illusion, created for others to manipulate the rest of us who knew no better. Today we are blessed to live in a world where communication is easier than ever before. But it is our responsibility, our free will that lets us know what is truth for us. I know this is my truth. What is your truth today?

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