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05.01.2020 – Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: From the four yesterday we jump to the eight and more today on the same slant as yesterday’s message.

Here we have the lady blowing the seeds of a dandelion out into the world.

Eights are the essence of continuum, infinity. Wands carry the energy of creativity and about taking action.

Are your dreams creative related?

Have you taken steps to bring this into reality?

She holds a steadying staff to keep her safe so she does not fall off her place at the top of the mountain.

The staff blooms a blossom of fruitfulness for your future, if you choose to engage with the energy.

She also wears a body armour. Don’t leave yourself open to the negativity of others. Know your strength in the positive place you have been able to get yourself too.

Do you feel a shift in energy having moved into 2020?

As they say, if we have patience and allow what needs to be, then we may see the mountains move.

I am drawn to the pink colour in the background of this card today – unconditional loving energy. Cast no judgements and be not judged. Simply be.

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