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04.06.2021 X The Wheel of Fortune

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Number ten of the major arcana which in numerology is about endings and beginnings. Today is the fourth day of June so also being drawn to mention foundations and the 'strength' (Wednesday’s card) of how good foundations support us. Then we have the master number 11 power of the month and the year combined. Can we feel the energies working around us at this time? We may think nothing is happening but, we cannot see that which goes on ‘behind the scenes’. It is about divine timing, hidden blessings, orchestration. A time for new expansion and growth, allowing new things to enter our lives. We need to trust the greater plan that is so much more than our individuality. Be open to opportunities coming our way. The lucky planet Jupiter is associated to this major card. Jupiter the planet of luck and success, blessings and prosperity. Card of expansion, fortune, growth and optimism. Yesterday we were asked to ‘hang on in there’. Today we are being guided that there is so much more coming to us if we hold our trust and wait for the time to be right for all involved. It is never just about us!

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