• Patricia Jean Fleming

04.05.2019 – XVIII The Moon

Saturday: Have you slipped of the mask you were wearing and found a new you from within?

The major arcana card steps forward for you today to congratulate you on your progress in recognising who you are and where you are on your current journey in life. You realise the wealth of everything that lies around you and you do not allow it to weigh you down but know it is there as and when you need it to be.

There is a powerful energy within you now of seeing yourself for what you are today, having slipped of the mask of your past, ready to embrace a new way forward. Learning to allow love to guide you, starting with loving yourself.

What better day to have this card than on the 'day' of the new moon 2345hrs GMT.

Plant your seeds now of the dreams you have for your future then without much interferance from you, watch how they may grow, if you let them.

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