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04.04.2022 Five of Wands & XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Staying with fire and water elements today as two cards have jumped out of the pack to guide us. Our first card brings us what I call ‘fore warned is fore armed’ guidance. Card of conflict, heated energy and squabbles. Arguments and disagreements. Going against the grain. Of creativity, difficulty with getting heard, lacking in confidence and self expression. Knowing this upfront we are given the chance to move ourselves out of these mind game energies and drop into the heart where we can ask: ‘What would love do?’ Saturn in Leo energy brings us earth element with the fire element and a feeling of discord. As this card has shown up with the major arcana Death/Phoenix Rising I embrace the energy of rebirth, of moving ourselves out of old ways of being that do not serve us. Card of awakening, healing and transformation. Card of shinning our light and allowing endings to happen to manifest something new. The Death card was with us 31st March so you can check out that reading too but here with the emphasis in lifting ourselves out of pettiness, one-upmanship or needless competitiveness. We have free will to do what is right for us and we are being asked to make that decision. Stay in the destructive energy or allow ourselves to lift out of it into a gentler way of being.

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