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04.04.2021 Ten of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Ten, the number of endings, things coming full circle, and new beginnings. As one door closes another will open, that is the journey of life, ever evolving. With the suit of pentacles then we would expect it to be related to things we place value in, which can be relationships, work, recreation as well as finance. Pentacles being the last of the four suits then the journey has taken us through all the minor arcana cards only to lead us back round again though not without having gained knowledge and knowing along the way. This is a card of being capable, positive, of success. Know our strength today and value all that we have and can do rather than what we can’t. Know our ancestors watch over us and will assist if they can, it helps if we learn to ask. We might not get what we ask for but often it is better and not only for us but for everyone that it has a knock on effect with. Card of planet Mercury in the Sun sign of Virgo. So we have the communication planet at home in Virgo which brings us earth energy, such as being

grounded along with being organised and helpful. A day to be enjoyed.

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