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04.04.2019 – Eight of Pentacles

Thursday: Today we are being ‘drawn into the web’ drawn into the continuous energy of the number eight, the sign of continuum.

Circles just go round and round but when we break that chain, when we dare to allow ourselves to do something different, then we can spiral forward on elongated circles that just keep going and going, and going, never ending – and such is life; a never ending journey of creation and development to learn from then move on.

Are you allowing yourself to be unshackled from the treadmill of your life?

Maybe you are just recognising where this energy lies within you and your current life’s journey?

If so, after the 7th is a good time to embrace the new, but meanwhile, for the next couple of days, it is time for the seed thats been planted to germinate its ideas before allowing the growth to break through.

Give it time and watch it grow.

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