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04.03.2020 – VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Lovely. Today we are given the Major Arcana Strength card to assure us that we have that internal power which can be tapped into as guided in yesterday’s card. We live in a world where we allow others to steal our energy from us. We blindly follow the paths of old that have been set down for us, fearing to follow the knowing within that tells us, this is ‘my’ path. It may be uncomfortable but we have been endowed with freewill, the choice to set forward on our own paths of discovery. Not all paths are wrong for us but where they have been paved with the profit of another and not for the good of all, then maybe it is time to question why that person wants it all for themselves? This is not saying that we should live in poverty so others can benefit, for our poverty does not bring the plenitude of another. But a fairer distribution would be a nice place to start, where all basic needs were met. You are being asked today to find your strength that sees the abundance in your life and all around you at this time – it’s not always about money.

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