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04.03.2019 – Knight of Wands

Monday, Monday . . . can’t trust that day! A line from the lyrics of the old Mama and Papa’s hit record.

What is the trust issue you are toying with today?

Today we are being asked to have faith and try something different. You are not being asked to put yourself at any risk but to rethink how you approach life.

Do you do the same old, same old, Monday morning treadmill routine or leave home earlier and take a different route to work? Change your sandwich for lunch or is it always cheese on a Monday, ham on a Tuesday etc. Why not try a new fruit you’ve never eaten before, you may find that you love it.

Where are we at with our trust levels or do we have the tendency to ‘play it safe?’

The foxes in this card seem oblivious to the hesitancy in the ‘lion’ which carries the Knight. Do we over think things to the extent that we don’t allow the possibilities of new things to come into our lives.

If you don’t like the fruit then you don’t have to eat it again, you get to choose!

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