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04.02.2020 – Eight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: It amuses me how the same cards keep popping up while others we rarely see, if ever. This card was last out 13th December. You may want to revisit that reading but today I give what I get.

The energy of the illustration of today’s card has me asking, do you try to carry with you more than is possible for you to hold? There is a feeling of the need to ‘lighten your load’ and see the value of that which you currently have.

There is a guiding light before you, should you want to follow it.

There is also more knowing within you than you give yourself credit for.

We are all able to connect to the universal energies should we choose to. Is today the day you allow yourself to ask for that guidance?

Remember to listen for the synchronicities, this is where you will get your answers.

A time of dreams – keep a notebook and pen beside you and as soon as you wake up, think ‘what did I dream’. Write down what you remember and use a search engine e.g. Google to look for e.g. symbolic meaning of snow.

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