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04.01.2020 – Four of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Known as the 11:11 card and if you look at the unicorns they travel in pairs each with their own ‘wand’.

I love that we have this card today for the numerology of it. Today is the 4th and we have 4 wands.

Kari Samuels in her 2020 energy forecast* tells us that 4’s are about structures akin to Capricorn energy, family, finance, work and career. About building your dreams from the ground up. . . (She even mentions unicorns!)

We also have the 1 as in January, the first month. We have 4 x 1 in the horns of the unicorns. They are in pairs and echo the new year of 2020. 1+1=2 x 2.

1s are about new beginnings and 2’s are about partnerships.

Lift yourself into this new year and dream, dream big; expect miracles to happen.

Use the power of positive thought to add good energy to your picture of how you see yourself being eg by the end of 2020. *

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