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03.12.2019 – Nine of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

The request for you today is to find what makes you happy.

Today is more of the same of what we had yesterday, yet with a feeling of having more control over our thoughts and desires. Now you are being asked to dream those dreams.

Allow yourself to expand on the vision and picture it happening in reality.

When we can give focus to more of what we want rather than need, i.e. lifting ourselves out of the poverty mind of not having enough, into the mind-set of ‘having enough to do . . . So, what is it that sparks your imagination into what you could create in your life if money was no object.?

What would you do with your life?

Then ask yourself, why do I want to do that? If it is just for you then there is something more you have to learn about living this life. It is never ‘just about you’. Open yourself to the wondrous energies that guide our lives and find your part within it.

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