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02.07.2022 XVII The Star

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Last out on the 5th of June, a revisit reminding us of where we were then, just under a month ago. Yesterday was about change, today we have the Divine Wish, the Fulfilment Card. We are gifted with Divine blessings. Card of coming out of a dark time and being inspired. The worst of things are over – expect things to get better. It is time we all shone our own unique light out into the world. Be who we truly are, as we are with no apologies for it – be a star in the dark skies that would have us dim our lights. It is about being inspired for now is the time to focus on our dreams, hopes and visions, trusting that there will be blessings from the Universe. This is not in doing nothing but in doing the work on ourselves that is called for at this time. It is not difficult, it is something we can all achieve if we open our hearts before the mind, we CAN do this! It is renewal after change, or after a ‘Tower’ moment. [The card in the deck before the Star.] Of being prepared to embrace our authentic self. Others may not like the way we change for they are fearful of things outside of their control. No one should control another. Any relationship should enhance each others journey in this life. The days of sacrifice and learning through hardship are being sent into the mists of time – if we are ready to step into a new way of being. Are you ready to shine today?

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