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02.04.2019 – Eight of Wands

Tuesday: A nice place to be, setting your intentions for the days, weeks, months maybe even years ahead but all this coming from the standpoint of who you are here and now.

Don’t hang onto things so rigidly that they are not allowed the space and time required to become fruitful in their own right.

Giving the time and space may just develop things into a much better reality than any dreams you may have had!

As much as we can let our wishes be known in a few months we may find that something new has changed our perspective and we no longer want that which we wished for.

Will the Universe get annoyed with us? Of course not! Universal energies are LOVE. How could someone coming from a place of love be annoyed with you? They would embrace you and tell you that it’s OK.

Life is about change . The sooner we learn to accept and embrace change as being as certain as death, then we release those misguided thoughts that strive us to stop things from changing.

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