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02.03.2019 – XX Judgement

Heralding Saturday we have received the Judgement card.

Where do you stand with judgement in your life?

Not sure who it was that coined the phrase that ‘any learned behaviour can be unlearned.’

One of the synonyms for judgement is ‘perception’. Something that is perceived can only be known from who you are and the life you have led.

We are all unique and have our own sense of right and wrong etc. But who are we as individuals to be judge and jury over things where we have no true knowledge of the ‘real’ situation behind it e.g. someone else’s actions.

As the Native American saying goes -only when you have walked in someone else’s moccasins!

Allow your judgements to be reserved to that which makes your life liveable and allow others to live their lives as they need to.

When you release this heaviness of being, you will be like the angel in today’s card, lifted on the wings of butterflies.

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