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02.02.2020 – Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Another card repeating from the last tranche ie 22nd December – it’s all about the 2’s. Yes, I gave them a good shuffle, you should see that performance! A bit different this time as I am choosing by splitting the deck. I usually wait for the cards to jump out as I shuffle but maybe, like me, the energies are experiencing the major influx of light that has given us empaths a difficult start to the year energy wise.

Drawn to the mirror image of the date today. They say 2020 is perfect sight – today are we able to see more in reflection, or hind sight?

Pages are messengers. Cups are water and emotion energy. Plus, with the reflection energy of today’s date this should steer you to something currently in your know.

What message is trying to wing its way to you today? Look out for the synchronicities that can point you in the right direction. E.g. music, song, words in a magazine or book etc. Tarot is just one tool in divination, there are many more.

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