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02.01.2021 Five of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: This is a day when we may feel a little frazzled after all the events of the festive holiday time or even angst at being unable to celebrate it. The following is a quote from Heather Eland - who gives us for January 2021: ‘. . . this energy isn’t all bad—quite the contrary! The astrology this month is causing a lot of discomfort, but this is for a reason! The more discomfort we feel with our complacency in life circumstances that simply aren’t working for us any more, the more likely we are to rise up and make necessary changes in order to LIBERATE ourselves from oppressive, stagnant energy!’ I feel her words fit with todays Five of Swords card. Fives are unstable, disruptive energy and can be about change, conflict, arguments and disagreements. In the card we see the person rising up in a pose of what one may consider to be an avenging angel. He has his sword ready and another two crossed over on his back within easy reach. There are two black swans with a sword each, backing him up. The Shadowscapes Companion book says: ‘They have been steeped in the battles of self interest and power. . . . They send raucous challenges to the heavens, relishing the oncoming conflict.’.

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