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31.05.2022 Knight of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Today we are in the middle of a Swords sandwich and we have this wonderful card of positive change. ‘Ring out ye bells - hurrah!’ We also stay with Swords energy until our only major arcana card this week shines in for us on Sunday. Knights are questers, seekers and searchers. The elemental energy for the Knights is Air. Knights are extreme and fast, they quest and rescue. They bring about positive change and opportunities. Through their drive to succeed they make anything possible. Pentacles are of the earth element. Card of focus and hard work but we are finding our direction. Of opening up to, or taking action on an opportunity. Card of good news in terms of furthering ourselves financially. Possible job opportunities, growth of business ventures, momentum in something we are working towards. The guidance is for us to dare to dream for we can make it happen. Card of enterprise, industriousness and planning for material stability. Linked to the zodiac sign of Virgo and the planet that is its ruler, Mercury. Which just happens to be a co-ruler of the air sign Gemini. Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect and logic. Of perception, thinking and rationalising. Gemini is the site of yesterday’s new moon. It is feeling like the heavens are conspiring to bring us some positive new beginnings but we all have to play our part.

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