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01.06.2019 – I The Magician Reversed

Saturday: Read the book I’m told! The book does not give reversals but from that which I read I find your guidance.

The world is full of synchronicities/signs to assist us in our day to day living but you do not need to be a Magician to bring them to you. ‘All’ it takes is trust and faith and not

allowing the acknowledgement of others who say, it’s nothing – it’s just a coincidence!

Truth is there are no such things as coincidences!

The people that say that, they have not experienced the lightness of engaging with their spiritual essence that knows so much more about this life than we do.

It is your choice to live in the heavy energy that has us fearful and living with uncertainty or to allow ourselves to be lifted into a lighter way of being that acknowledges that as human beings we are three-part, mind-body & spirit living as one.

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