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01.02.2021 Knight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: More royal energy today by way of the Knight and in the same suit. Are we stepping backwards, or, are we ready to quest not for the benefit of the King but for ourselves? Are we feeling the call to follow our hearts and do what is right for us? We have survived the most energy packed month of 2021, did it feel like a bit of a roller coaster? Have you been able to find direction for you? Or even found peace in waiting to see what will transpire in the days, weeks, months ahead in this uncertain time that we are all experiencing in one way or another? The Knights are about positive change and opportunities. They are about questing for higher knowledge. What are we embracing into our knowing and learning at this time? As both the Knight and the Swords are air energy, and we are now in the season of the sun sign of Aquarius in this new age of Aquarius, then we need to be careful to rule our mind rather than have our minds rule us. Always check for clarity in why we are doing things, is it for our best interest or because we ‘think’ we should? We know the drill, oxygen mask, us first then we can be in the best place to assist others. While we need the oxygen mask then use it, that is what they are there for. Allow ourselves to be us first and foremost and find the things that make our hearts sing. Maybe this quest will be an inward journey!

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