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01.01.2022 O The Fool

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: What better energy than this to start of a new year for us? The first card of the major arcana – zero, the fool. Card of new beginnings and change. Of innocence and possibility. Of ambition and curiosity. Card of awakening innovation and liberation. Of individuality and originality. Linked to the planet Uranus which rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius bringing us humanitarianism, rebellion and revolution energies. The planet which is called the Great Awakener! We move from the energy of a five year to a six which brings us balance and harmony, communication, equilibrium and problem solving. Today’s date equates to an eight so it is about continuum and positive change. All very welcome for sure though I feel it will be March before we begin to see big shifts happening. Let’s wait and see. Meanwhile, we will use the foundation of last year to spring us forward into 2022 and expect better things to come into our lives. Certainly we can choose to see things in a positive frame that is the guidance we have been receiving. We know that it does help us and to stand in our individual power of self knowing for we can do more than we allow ourselves to think we can. Forwards and onwards, the world is still turning and we have lives to live. Let us greet the new dawn with hope in our hearts.

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