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01.01.2021 XVII The Star

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Feeling truly blessed that the card that shows up for us for the first day of 2021 is The Star. Also as 2021 = 5 in numerology we have a five pointed star to guide us into the new calendar year.

The card has landed midway through the 12 days from the birth of Jesus to when the the Three Kings visited with him on 6th of January. The card is known as the Divine Wish card or Divine Blessings and I am very happy to share this energy with you today. As has been the direction of late we are asked to shine within our own unique and individual light and through getting to know ourselves better finding our direction forward. The card tells us that the worst is over and things will get better. If enough of us put our energy into believing that then as the scientists are now proving we will assist in it getting better. Let us not hold ourselves in egotistical selfishness but see a better world for all of humanity, flora and fauna – all living energies on this planet. The card is linked to the sun sign of Aquarius and as we move into this beautiful and wondrous new age of Aquarius let us have faith in the potential of what this energy will bring us.

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