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Week commencing 9th November 2020

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay moon-2285628_640

Week ahead: Today we move into the 3rd quarter moon leading up to the new moon on 15th at 05:07 GMT. Have you felt a shift in energy, notwithstanding the announcement in the USA?

We start the week basking in sunlight (not saying you will have clear skies where you are but at least the energy of it around you). We would hope you are infused with a spring in your step to set you up for the week ahead which appears to be a bit of a rollercoaster of up and down energy.

Remember on the down days that ‘this too shall pass’ and learn to make the most of the good days with acknowledging how good they are and being grateful. Gratitude is a wonderful energy to be in. We might even manage a bit of gratitude for the down days that may stop us from experiencing something we would rather not! Hidden blessings.

Know that we were born with the strength to get through anything that is laid at our door. It is from these moments in life that we learn how strong we can be. When we ‘drop a gear’ and get on with it. Only other people would be happy for us to think we are not capable as, from that, they can use our fear to manipulate us. Let us find our own power from within and not let misled beliefs or oppressors plague our lives.

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