• Patricia Jean Fleming

Week commencing 8th March 2021

Guardian Angel Oracle by Chrissie Astell

Week ahead: We start the week again with royalty and feeling the love with a card from the suit of Cups. Love can come in many guises but the best is the unconditional variety. It would serve us all to be connecting with this beautiful energy for this is the true love that lies dormant in our hearts waiting for the day that we master the egoistic mind, the ‘thought’ of what love is as to the knowing of what love is. We have free will, take back that inherent right to engage with this power in our lives. Make this the foundation for the new start that the current situation is allowing us time to consider e.g. what our life path is all about / why we are here. Midweek we need to be careful with our perceptions once again. Often what we ‘think’ is not the full story of all that is before us. We have the opportunity to consider our futures and what we would like that to look like, feeling into the energy of our potential for the following day we have an Ace to bring us the power of new start essence. We end the week as we started bookended by another royal. This one in the suit of Pentacles which relates to ‘the building blocks of reality’ around things such as career, foundational (ground base) relationships, health, homes or property and money.

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Image on my blue by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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