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Week commencing 4th January 2021

Week ahead: From Mercury conjunct Pluto ruling the next few days. It injects the energy of deeper, raw or seed-level thought and words. Speak and view from your deepest essence.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay hands-966492

The cards this week starts with the need to look up from the energy that holds us stuck in the loop of negative thinking. Lift ourselves out of despair and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead even if we cannot currently see what that is. There is a future ahead, yes the world is different, but why can we not hold the energy of seeing it as a better place to be rather than a fear that things will never be the same again? A time for holding ourselves in the energy of love and not engaging in battle. It is a time of rethinking, of getting to understand who we are individually, not what life has made us, not a clone or a puppet on the strings of commerce and politics. It is not about fighting against these powers that exist but in taking back our own individual power, to do what is right for us. Then we can join together in communities where we can give support to each other. We have control over our future in many ways. As ever, free will, our choice – this is my interpretation of the cards for the days ahead.

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