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Week commencing 2nd November 2020

Week ahead: First day of our new month and two fours start our week bringing a wistful feeling dreaming our dreams followed up with some divine intervention. Remember that sometimes what we want doesn’t come to us in the way we have thought it might so be ready to expand our vision and look beyond the blinkered view. There is a gentle step up flow in the beginning of the week with some guidance being sent to us if we are ready to listen to it! Again it may be a bit different to what we ‘think’ should be coming to us so please be open to the changes ahead, whatever they are, because there is even better up ahead (just not saying when!). We have two fives a seven, an eight and a two but only one major arcana this week so maybe we will feel the lessening of the energies that have been heavily with us last week. This week commences with the power of 8 in the date 02-11-2020=8 and the feeling with that is that we will take things that happen this week and that they will be around us for a while. Hmm, let’s not think about the USA elections and trust that all will be well!

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