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Week commencing 28th December 2020

Image by Joseph V M from Pixabay sunglass

Week ahead: Our week starts on a positive note with the Law of Attraction card. Science is now proving that the way we think can have an energetic affect on our lives so putting on the rose tinted glasses takes on new meaning. We are asked to take ourselves beyond that which we currently know and dare to dream of a bigger and brighter future. Why not, if thinking can have an effect on our future, then why wouldn’t we want it to be the best possible future? When we connect with our true selves we can find within us a personal power that supports us to be the best that we can be in this human life we live. We can allow ourselves to think that we could have huge and beneficial impact, if we allow it to be so. How good does that feel? We do not need anyone's permission to be, but we do need to accept that fact ourselves. When we align with that energy then it aligns with us and this is what miracles are made of, again, if we allow it. Let us not feel the need to take up arms against others but remember the pen can be mightier than the sword. The week ends on taking some time out for ourselves, check in with where we are and how it is feeling for us right now. Do something for you, something that makes you happy and have fun.

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