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Week commencing 26th October 2020

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Week ahead: This week we will receive a visit from a pair of nines, royalty, and three major arcana cards. Hope you are enjoying this new weekly forecast I'm posting. To start the week we are encouraged to ‘ride on through the storm’. Sometimes we think things are worse than they actually are. We are guided to try and bring ourselves back into the ‘now’ as often as possible, easing our monkey mind from tormenting us unnecessarily. While, getting to know ourselves better can only assist us in having a truer path forward. Shine within your own wonderfully unique light to find the best way ahead for you. Sometimes things can be hidden from us, we don’t really need to know everything; we would become overwhelmed if we did. Learn to trust that all will become known at the right time. Make use of your time to get to know yourself better and what you truly want for your future while understanding the wealth you already possess. Abundance is there for you but maybe not in the way you think it should be. Ask yourself, can I truly live without x, y or z? What if abundance was a wealth of happiness and not material things? Decisions need to be made and they will have consequences. Is the decision what you truly want? Time to go in search of what makes you happy.

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