• Patricia Jean Fleming

Week commencing 25th January 2021

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Week ahead: We start our week with an ace sandwich of new beginnings to the power of three. That is some strong energy stepping forward for us as we are held in relationships, family and friends while creating the new and a new journey of some kind. There is much passion as both cups and wands straddle the Fool and follow on from Sunday’s ten i.e. 10 plus 1,0,1. We are asked to consider the simple numbers of zero and one which once meant just that. Then binary code was invented and computers were born. What new beginnings are currently hidden to us but are as huge as was the birth of computers? Are we feeling the beat of the power that is available to us at this time? If in fact we should choose to embrace it. Embrace seems to be a good word too. Some of us will have missed the hugs of our friends and family during these difficult days of change. Two Aces, two major arcana, two sixes, one eight and one royal makes up the picture of our week ahead. Personally I am buoyed by these cards feeling a strong force of positive energy available to us. Can we look beyond all that we understand to be the reality of now and dare to picture something better for ourselves, our family and friends in the future that awaits our arrival as once did computers?

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Photo: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay - Binary

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