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Week commencing 22nd March 2021

Week ahead: A visit from a major arcana starts our week We have another two later adding to the power of the messages and trying to get our attention, asking us to pay a bit more notice to them more so than the minor cards. It is like they wave a flag at us or a flashing light.

We have three 4’s two of them creating a sandwich with one of the major cards. This is bringing a strong base as they stand either side, supporting the message. We have a representation of the current zodiac Sun sign of Aries with its ruling Mars energy. Maybe it’s that Spring Equinox flow from Saturday bringing some decisiveness and growth into our lives. Choices on Tuesday while Wednesday may give us some difficulty with self expression or conflict. Thursday is wonderful fresh energy leading us into the weekend sandwich with patience being the middle energy. Trust is the big word of this time and for us to be grateful for what we have rather than be concerned about the spilled milk! Overall a progressive week if we go with the flow and not get too caught up in our ego minds that always want to push us on. The joy is in the journey – not the destination.

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