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Week commencing 21st December 2020

Week ahead: Solstice blessings start our week with the most beautiful energy of new beginnings blessed by the divine. This is an offer, an opportunity that we have the free will to receive or not. Are you ready to receive? It is all about learning in positive ways, no more learning through heavy sacrifice or e.g. self flagellation; the day of the hair shirt has gone! What we put out there we may receive so be careful of what you are currently wishing for. There is joy in partnerships when each partner comes from the same unconditional loving energy. Are we able to see life in a different perspective to what it has been and to what we were led to believe was the way of the world? Let us look within and see the truth of who we are and take life from that standpoint/ foundation. When we choose to work in truth, love and peace then we bring that energy more into being and we find others of the same ilk. We deserve to celebrate and embrace the joy of being even though we know difficulties are playing out right now. Choose to look beyond this and help to bring the new world into existence quicker with the positive vibes we are creating.

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