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Week commencing 1stFebruary 2021

The Divine Feminine Oracle - Meggan Watterson

Week ahead: We start the week as we ended last with a visit from royalty and still being guided down the personal power route of finding ourselves from within, standing in our own power and doing this through the feeling heart rather than the ego mind. We are guided well on our journey as we learn to tame the false fears that stop us from being the best that we can be. The support is being shared via three major arcana, another Knight, a Queen and the week ends on a nine – with its message of almost there! Today is the first day of our second month of 2021 and is marked on the calendar as the Celtic festival of Imbolc which celebrates the beginning of spring and is associated with the goddess Brigid. It is a time of cleaning out the old in preparation for the new cycle of life to start all over again. As much as we may be in strange times and unsure of what lies ahead of us, the sun will rise and set each day. Our quest is to make the best of the time afforded to us here on this planet. But, remember, we have our limitations, we need to rest too. Be kind to ourselves and don’t expect us to be more than what we are. What we are is enough and we have the free will to change that if we want to, our choice.

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