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Week Commencing 19th October 2020

Image by Kiwi Lisa from Pixabay- roadworks

Week ahead: Wow, a powerful week of guidance for us from the universal energies. We will receive a visit from a King, an Ace and no less than five major arcana cards – powerful stuff indeed!

We need to be aware that life is about change and opposition to change only creates resistance to the flow of energies that are life in creation.

We can choose to be masters of our own lives and accept or reject that which feels right for us at this time.

It is not for us to change others, but having found a more peaceful and free way to live life, we would be still in ego if we didn’t want to share that with others to enable them to find their way. The old way was to be secretive about the good things in life, this week we want you to share and shout it from the rooftops. That energy in itself is freeing and transformative, opening up our energy to the flow of the natural rhythms of life and guidance.

We are only sent difficulties when we have something to learn from it. Let us move our negative minds out of seeing ‘trouble’ as something that has been laid at our door to lay us low and find the gratitude that without this intervention we would be in a worse place. Let’s open our minds and hearts to embrace the future now.

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