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Week commencing 15th February 2021

Image by Bronislaw Drozka from Pixabay

Week ahead: We seem to have a bit of a mixed bag this week with different numbers and different suits for the first four days, a further two different numbers and one major arcana complete the week. Monday has us in deep introspection and the following day is about troubles of the heart. Sometimes we are afforded a solution to a problem through another problem arising. It is only in hindsight that we can see the value of it.

Don't 'take on', get out of our head, the ego mind that ‘thinks’ we should react in a certain way; when it comes down to it, nothing really matters. We are all beautiful and unique creations of the Divine. Let us lift our energy to celebrate that fact and be the best that we can be in whatever situation we find ourselves in. For, we do not see the day ahead but let us hold ourselves in positive energy so that then calls positive solutions towards us. Our learned behaviour would be to loose ourselves in the dark but when we learn to shine the light from within then we will never be in that dark place again. Be careful of perceptions Sunday 21st, what we think we see may not be the actual situation. Don’t jump to conclusions.

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