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Week commencing 14th December 2020

Image by Debi Brady from Pixabay eclipse-2663824

Week ahead: Five energy starts us off this week as Monday (14th) has us checking in with the truth of where we are in our current position in life and what we perceive lies ahead. If we know what we want then it is a good idea, over the next couple of weeks while all this energy is around us, to hold that picture close to our heart and dreams. Don’t go into detail, rather hold a broad view of what you feel you want it to be. We are being called once again to listen clearly for the signs and signals that our intuitive self aligns with, it is there to help us, not hinder. We have a three day flow of royalty unfolding in a forward procession starting with communication and messages – not unusual at this time of year anyway! We are being asked to see how we are progressing and being open to that. Learning is a bit like the journeys of our life for when we attain the summit of that learning then a new path will open up to us to learn some more. We end the week in twice the energy of four. For me this is feeling like ‘squaring away’ or ‘closing the box’. It feels like a letting go energy or moving on from. Be open to change, stay positive and help it on its way.

Solar eclipse Image by Debi Brady from Pixabay eclipse-2663824

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