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Week ahead: 5th April 2021

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

A week that starts with the power of five which is linked to change. Are we ready for some changes to come into our lives this week? It is a week where all suits and the major arcana feature with two royals also making an appearance.

When you read change, how does it make you feel? Are you able to expect positive change rather than negative? It has been proven in science that positive thought process brings positive energy to us – with that kind of proof then what is holding us back from using that which is available to us to make for a better flow in our lives? Some may say that it can’t be that simple but, what I have found is, the people that say that are usually those who want to be able to control us in some way, shape or form. Let us make an effort this week to take back our own individual power of being and step into the kind of life we want to live, not one that others deem that it should be. This weeks energy is positive so we have that available to assist us this week. Will we accept the gift or turn it away? Let us try and embrace more of what makes us happy this week regardless of all that is happening around us. Be in our own knowing and being allowing for others to be in their own place too. The way ahead is evolution not revolution.

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