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Week ahead: 29th March 2021

Image by Jean Didier from Pixabay

A powerful start to the week with two major arcana cards jumping straight in for us to be aware of possible fated energy on Monday and Tuesday. We are still within the power of Sunday’s full moon in Libra. The rest of the week is all swords and pentacles with a couple of visits from the royalty of the deck. Two threes follow our major cards in the energy of birth, creativity and growth with a hint of mysticism as we say goodbye to March and welcome in April. If we hold ourselves in negativity this may lead to gossip and moodiness. Then our two royal visitors join in the journey with both grounded and air energy – feeling like some down to earth doing, ‘getting on with it’ and possible communication via technology or about it. We end the week on the 4th day of the 4th month and numerology of the date breaking down to the power of 4! 444 = ‘When you take positive action towards your highest intentions, aspirations and goals, the Universe works in your favour and helps you to establish solid foundations and advance you along your path.’

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