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Week ahead: 26th April 2021

Image by Xpics from Pixabay

Two Kings, a Queen, two major arcana and all the suits represented this week - feels like a bit of a *'bobby-dazzler’! It feels like there is a lot of magic around Monday/Tuesday as we start the week in the energy of the Full Moon in the Sun sign of Scorpio at 04.31 GMT 27th; being the time when it is at its fullest. Known as the Pink Moon [a name, not its colour] it is also a Super Moon being at its biggest size as it climbs from the eastern horizon from around 19.28 GMT Monday 26th. A week where we may feel a bit more in our heads than in our hearts, caught up in a furore of information overload. Remember we are in control of us; what we allow ourselves to receive. If we don’t like it, shut off the social media and news/TV. Be in our own reality rather than the manufactured nonsense that is being portrayed as ‘news’ in this current climate. It is important that we begin to understand that there is an energy of ‘smoke and mirrors’ around us and that we need to be able to be sure of what we can truly trust. Our choice, free will whether we stick our heads in the sand or dare to lift them above the parapet to have a closer look! *a person or thing considered remarkable or excellent.

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