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Week ahead:19th April 2021

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

First week in ages that we have no royals appearing neither do we have wands or swords. It is a week of prosperity with two cups, two pentacles and three major arcana which are The Tower, The Sun and The Moon. Rather nice to receive the Sun and the Moon after Tower energy!

If we have been practising our attitude of gratitude and positivity then it doesn’t need to be total destruction with the Tower; it can simply be change! The week starts with the Sun moving into the zodiac sign of Taurus while planet Mercury tags along with it bringing us stability, flexibility and mental agility. With the increase of awareness, will truths be revealed this week that may cause some uncomfortableness but truth is always welcome – for it leaves no corners for shadows to hide. We are the ones with our ‘fingers on the keys’, we know that which is our truths, we do not know however how truthful are all the ‘stories’ that we are being fed via media. Stay in our own power and be discerning of all that is being proffered as truth. Sometimes these things happen to move us on in our lives journey. Can we trust that the sun will always be there, at least, within many lifetimes yet to be experienced on planet earth, yes. Let us find happiness in our home and learn to banish the shadows that do not serve us as necessary energy in our lives.

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